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I'm not super sam.mp3 [2,82 MB] I go to school.mp3 [6,58 MB] I like dogs.mp3 [3,37 MB] I love fruits.mp3 [3,22 MB] In my free time.mp3 [7,05 MB] In the zoo.mp3 [3,60 MB] I want to be an architect.mp3 [6,38 MB] Lets go.mp3 [3,41 MB] a happy family.mp3 [2,58 MB] can I have two kilos.mp3 [6,92 MB] can I play with your toys.mp3 [3,87 MB] children of the world.mp3 [6,09 MB] good morning children.mp3 [1,06 MB] happy birthday stella.mp3 [3,25 MB] lets come again.mp3 [4,33 MB] lets make a puppet.mp3 [3,30 MB] my best friends.mp3 [7,92 MB] my cousins live in america.mp3 [4,25 MB] my father is tall.mp3 [3,31 MB] my school.mp3 [2,12 MB] the wheather is sunny tommy is funny.mp3 [3,12 MB] welcome 8.mp3 [2,42 MB] what about shorts and t-shirts.mp3 [6,82 MB] where is the ball.mp3 [3,85 MB]